It’s never too late to re-insulate! Thanks to our innovative products and building science.

One of the most frequent things we hear from homeowners in the insulation business is “Is there anything you can do to improve my existing home?…”Well, now, thanks to some very innovative new technology, we at AirTight Insulation of Texas have some great news for all existing home owners. We have the latest products and building science that make it possible to upgrade your home NOW and give you the kind of efficiency, comfort, and noise control that you thought was only available in newly constructed homes and businesses.


We have the ”Cutting-Edge” products and expertise necessary to actually inject “pre-expanded” foam insulation into your existing walls, and we can turn your excruciatingly hot and inefficient existing attic into a “temperature-controlled” storage area as well. Imagine having your attic stay within 15 degrees F of your thermostat in your house, even on the hottest or coldest days of the year!

CALL 877-473-1331 So we can discuss your needs and set up the most convenient way to get you a free evaluation of your specific project. Let us answer your questions about how we can inject our In-fusion Foam insulation into your existing walls and/or use our SprayFoam Insulation products to take care of your ineffecient attic!

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